Bringing Food Enthusiasts Together

'Tastebuds' is a food app which matches your and other peoples' ingredients. This gives the users a chance to get together with other food enthusiasts, cook and enjoy a meal

'Tastebuds' has a special purpose. It is focused around Women who want to take a break from their monotonous, rudimentary lifestyle. The app helps them connect with new
people, get together, make new friends and empowers them with an ability to cook for passion instead of cooking for the family.


The app scans the refrigerator and shelves for available ingredients and suggests amazing recepies. It also allows you to post share them with the world. It matches the
ingredients with other people and gives you possible matches, people with whom you can meet and cook a meal together and share your experiences.
Every month, an active member with most matches gets to become the expert. They get an opportunity to attend MEET AND EAT KITCHEN which is a platform for them to
teach and share their culinary skills to other people. It is an effort to empower women and an opportunity for them to break free.


The idea makes so much sense for women who want to break free from their routine and do something fun, that lets them use their culinary skills, which has been used only to cook for their family.