The Future of Retail

Experiential and Serendipitous

Our customers seek the unique, personalized objects symbolic of freedom of choice and independence. They may not be designers, but they know what they want when they see it. Being the first person to have the coolest thing is what they distinguish and value. 

The value of the product is increased by tailoring to the user and adding to discovery as an experience. 

The retail store is like a live museum where products are getting manufactured in the same space where people are interaction with the products and inputting the data from their phones .


To understand the current retail experiences, the team went around exploring a lot of stores. Then with the information and the observation gathered, the AEIOU worksheet was filled out which is a detailed report of the observations in terms of ACTIVITIES, ENVIRONMENT,INTERACTIONS, OBJECTSand USERS in the retail store. This was useful in seeing the bigger picture. Then came the most important part of realizing and articulating what the future of retail would look like. The team had to answer questions about the Domain, the Users, The Purpose and the Brand. This was the foundation of the complete system. At each step the team had to keep delving deeper answering these questions and refining the concept.