As someone who loves working with her heart and hands, I believe that design and problem solving is a way of life!

Innately imaginative, curious and an obsessive maker by heart, I constantly try to find an opportunity to broaden my methodologies, affect a wider range of people and contexts, as well as expand the definition of products and value beyond aesthetics and utility. After graduating with a B. Des in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design in India, I continued to work as an UI/UX designer at Samsung R&D. As an Senior Designer at Samsung, I worked on amazing projects for Flagship Models, Gear VR, Voice UI, etc. Although I had so much fun working on those projects, I needed some time to experiment on my own, that’s when I decided to come to NYC. I recently graduated from MFA Products of Design, SVA. I find food and conversation extremely moving—especially as medium to trigger emotions.

Everything is an experience. Furthermore, we are in the post-artifact age of product design. We no longer hold the designed object as the holy grail of the process or the trade.The heart of my work lies in people. I believe human relationships and behaviors are the most important tools of a designer and I aim to sculpt healthy human behaviors through my thoughts, products, interfaces and experiences.

I recently joined Motivate - Citibike/ Lyft team in Brooklyn but I’m always available for side projects, collaborations and cool freelance opportunities. I am eager to collaborate to embark on an immersive journey, exploring multiple design lenses and creating important, thoughtful work.