Travel Iron


This fold able travel iron, that lets the user iron on the run. It folds out flat to enable tabletop ironing as well as collars, hand cuffs, etc. With a simple folding action, the user can use it to quickly iron the places that has more crease and save time.


The inspiration was to create something which is a labour saving device yet used by hand. A travel iron which is accessible to all personas seemed to be the perfect product. It was also important to make it compact, easy to use and store. As a result of which, it is a foldable iron which can be used by one hand to iron clothes at specific areas or on a table top.

It is battery operated so that there is no hassle with the wires. It can be stored in the folded position so that your hand does not come in contact with the hot iron part.



1. Conceptualization - A lot of sketching was done to explore the different concepts and the way the product should be.
2. Form exploration - to understand the look and feel, mock-up models were made on foam to guage the size, working and mechanism.
3. Final model was made of MDF with different hand tools and shop machines like bandsaw machine, lathe, sanders, etc.
4. Painting - first it was coated with aqua resin and finished using wet sandpaper. It was then painted with spray paint and acrylic colors for detailing and logo.