Everyday products with a Twist

These products are designed inspired by a science lab equipment. It is attempt to explore 'form follows function' thereby reversing the phenomenon to 'function follows form'




Multipurpose Stitching tool for all types of fabric



Travel Iron


This fold able travel iron, that lets the user iron on the run. It folds out flat to enable tabletop ironing as well as collars, hand cuffs, etc. With a simple folding action, the user can use it to quickly iron the places that has more crease and save time.


The inspiration was to create something which is a labour saving device yet used by hand. A travel iron which is accessible to all personas seemed to be the perfect product. It was also important to make it compact, easy to use and store. As a result of which, it is a foldable iron which can be used by one hand to iron clothes at specific areas or on a table top.

It is battery operated so that there is no hassle with the wires. It can be stored in the folded position so that your hand does not come in contact with the hot iron part.



1. Conceptualization - A lot of sketching was done to explore the different concepts and the way the product should be.
2. Form exploration - to understand the look and feel, mock-up models were made on foam to guage the size, working and mechanism.
3. Final model was made of MDF with different hand tools and shop machines like bandsaw machine, lathe, sanders, etc.
4. Painting - first it was coated with aqua resin and finished using wet sandpaper. It was then painted with spray paint and acrylic colors for detailing and logo.

LED Word Clock

Do you want a stylish, modern and functional timepiece to add to your clock collection? The word clock is a one-of-a-kind time telling device, using a grid of letters to spell out the time. 

This is my version of the WORD CLOCK that uses Adafruit Neopixels and Real Time Clock Module. It incorporates Arduino Board for coding and implementation. It changes the time every 5 mins and shows different colors at different times of the day. This is a simple yet elegant clock to gift to someone or have it on your desk.

Learn how to make:


The clock face tells time with words and the back lit color changes at different times of the day.



Bringing Food Enthusiasts Together

'Tastebuds' is a food app which matches your and other peoples' ingredients. This gives the users a chance to get together with other food enthusiasts, cook and enjoy a meal

'Tastebuds' has a special purpose. It is focused around Women who want to take a break from their monotonous, rudimentary lifestyle. The app helps them connect with new
people, get together, make new friends and empowers them with an ability to cook for passion instead of cooking for the family.


The app scans the refrigerator and shelves for available ingredients and suggests amazing recepies. It also allows you to post share them with the world. It matches the
ingredients with other people and gives you possible matches, people with whom you can meet and cook a meal together and share your experiences.
Every month, an active member with most matches gets to become the expert. They get an opportunity to attend MEET AND EAT KITCHEN which is a platform for them to
teach and share their culinary skills to other people. It is an effort to empower women and an opportunity for them to break free.


The idea makes so much sense for women who want to break free from their routine and do something fun, that lets them use their culinary skills, which has been used only to cook for their family.



Autobiographical Typography

Inspired by, and following the reading of Paul Elliman’s “My Typographies,” this two-week long exercise asked the students to create a new alphabet, that could double as letter forms and as a self-portrait. "The assignment was to look at typography both as meaning-making symbols whose function is to be strung together to make language, but also as marks on the page which themselves carry cultural connotations that can be 'read'. "The hope was that while the student looked at the distinct forms, lines, and curves that make each letter, they might also look at the associations of their chosen materials, and shapes."

Each of the us created an ambitious and distinct new series of letters that—while fully-functional as an alphabet—also stood in for an aspect of themselves. As Elliman argues, “Writing gives the impression of things. Conversely, things can give the impression of writing.”

My shoes are very close to my heart. They resonate with who I am... 

So, for an Autobiographical Alphabet, they were the perfect medium of exploration.



Mood Stimulating Soaps

Senses are soaps that stimulate mood changes. It has alternating essences which gives the person the shower that soothes their senses and provides relaxation and relief from different  negative emotions.


If you are feeling particularly angry you could take a rejuvenating shower with the ANGRY soap, that has cooling menthol crystals that will sooth your nerves and will keep you down.

All the soaps are designed keeping the different emotions we face during the day. 


When you pick up an EMOTION SOAP, you are acknowledging the emotion that you are feeling and using the soap that counters your current negative emotion with a positive one, makes your day


The Future of Retail

Experiential and Serendipitous

Our customers seek the unique, personalized objects symbolic of freedom of choice and independence. They may not be designers, but they know what they want when they see it. Being the first person to have the coolest thing is what they distinguish and value. 

The value of the product is increased by tailoring to the user and adding to discovery as an experience. 

The retail store is like a live museum where products are getting manufactured in the same space where people are interaction with the products and inputting the data from their phones .


To understand the current retail experiences, the team went around exploring a lot of stores. Then with the information and the observation gathered, the AEIOU worksheet was filled out which is a detailed report of the observations in terms of ACTIVITIES, ENVIRONMENT,INTERACTIONS, OBJECTSand USERS in the retail store. This was useful in seeing the bigger picture. Then came the most important part of realizing and articulating what the future of retail would look like. The team had to answer questions about the Domain, the Users, The Purpose and the Brand. This was the foundation of the complete system. At each step the team had to keep delving deeper answering these questions and refining the concept.


Wedding Invitation

When my sister decided to tie the knot with her long time boyfriend, she asked me to design her wedding invite. 

This is a SOUTH INDIAN WEDDING, and the inspiration is directly from the different ceremonies that happen during the wedding. One of it is the Swing Ceremony where the Bride and the Groom are seated on a huge swing and are blessed by others.

The wedding takes place around dawn and that is what has been captured in the main invite. Both the Bride and the Groom are in the traditional South Indian attire.

final b&G1.jpg





Loupe is a flexible band worn around the neck or your waist, which acts as a body rig for your smartphones. It comes with a magnetic attachment that holds your smart phone in the position that you desire, enabling you to take videos and pictures from different angles and Points of View

Freeing up your hands allows the freedom to move which in turn expedites the filming process. Connecting with the audience is a vital part of content creation and Loupe puts them right beside you– seeing directly from your point of view.

pbx deck.jpg
product specs.jpg

Loupe is a quick assist body rig for content creators who use smartphones for video capture and vlogging. We believe in the fast-recording process to aid the laborious task of shooting, scripting, editing, and posting content. Freeing up your hands allows the freedom to move which in turn expedites the filming process. Connecting with the audience is a vital part of content creation and Loupe puts them right beside you– seeing directly from your point of view.

pbx deck_2.jpg

It is designed keeping in mind the Generation Z. Teen Content creators, and Makers create tutorials, How to videos and Unboxing Videos for channels like You Tube.

Therefore, it is necessary for them to record videos, while they multitask and/or create their projects. Loupe provides a hands-free solution to shooting these videos, enabling them to save a lot of time in Post production and reducing the requirement to have a crew for shooting.

You are your One Man Crew. Loupe is stylish, convenient and low cost. It caters to all kinds of vloggers, from amateurs to professionals

pbx deck_3.Final_new.jpg

It comes in a clear packaging, that lets the user touch and feel the product before they unbox it. It dis-assembles easily and can also be used without the shoulder support. The shoulder support is ergonomically designed to keep counter balance the weight and the flexibility of the cord. It is also a battery enabled phone charger with USB charging and cord storage.

Loupe elevates your experience of fast-recording and lets your audience see what you see.

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They tested various apparatus from head mounted, neck, and waist mounted. The group developed their product in a tactile manner by purchasing over a half dozen similar products and components to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in performance. They also sourced and experimented with various components to create the most robust producttesting the boundaries of materials, analyzing the structure and usability of each version. From classmates, to friends and family, the team continually got feedback on the versions of the product as it was being developed. With the latest version in-hand, it needs to be tested by the targeted user demographic under a Non-Disclosure Agreement for confidentiality in the next wave of testing.



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